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Celebrating Haven’s Birthday Next Week

Hey everyone,

Next week we will be honoring Haven’s life by celebrating his 7th Angel Birthday on his birthday, Wednesday July 6, at Fogland Beach. This year we’ll be hosting a white party with a white dove balloon release at sunset. HHH will be providing white biodegradable balloons and some food for the event. I will be at Fogland Beach in the early morning, so the party is scheduled to begin anytime after sunrise, going all the way to sunset. Hope to see you there!

– Lori Brooks


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  1. fighting angel says:

    When I met haven for the first time he was shy over the next few years it was the same but I never stopped trying to get him to talk to me but then one day it all changed the day of his brothers 5 grade graduation was a day that I keep everyday the first time he opened to me we talked and played fixing every thing we could fix then they moved and at there new house was the day that I played for about 2 hours racing him on scooters these are the best days and all I do is look back at them and know that if haven can be this strong and fight then so can we that is why he is the FIGHTING ANGEL????????? god has met his match I love you haven you were my little brother even if its not blood that’s not what makes you family being there when you need them the most is what makes you family even if we had just met

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